From Design to Implementation

To complete the most complex repairs as fast as possible and deliver the highest possible quality, we have a fully staffed engineering department that enables us not only to repair and rebuild but also to design, engineer and manufacture new parts and custom gears and gearboxes.

To minimize errors and streamline the time from design to production, our engineers use SolidWorks 3D Modeling for the design of all components. Since many of the gears or gearboxes we repair have been previously rebuilt, we carefully inspect each piece and continually work to improve the reliability of every component in every gearbox we repair.

Quality is designed into every repair and rebuild we do.

Our engineers are always looking for ways to upgrade the quality of our rebuilds and repairs to make them more reliable than they were when they came in the door. We guarantee equal to original quality or better on everything we do. We make each repair to application demand or industry standards and can also provide you with a root cause failure analysis of your failed equipment.