We work on any and all brands of mixer/agitator drives, extruder drives, conveyor drives, cooling tower drives and other process-critical rotating equipment used in the plastics industry – with the capability of reverse-engineering all components to equal or better quality than original. Our Field Machining and Services crews can perform in place a range of vital services, from gearbox inspections and rebuilds to line boring, journal turning, flange facing and base milling.

Pomini Extruder Gearbox During Repair

Flender Extruder Gearbox During Rebuild

Mixer Gearbox During Repair

Rebuilt Extruder Gearbox Ready for Installation

We repair any make, any model, anytime, anywhere.

Don’t put up with unnecessary downtime. If you have a problem with any of your process-critical rotating equipment, contact us immediately. Any time – 24/7.