If you need a spare or a replacement for one of your current Black Clawson #3 hydrapulper gearboxes, this deal is for you. We have two — one totally rebuilt and ready to ship and the other waiting to be rebuilt to your specs.

First, is this beautiful totally rebuilt unit
Built with a 4.37:1 ratio, it has all new gears and shafts and comes with our standard 1-year warranty. If you need one now, this is the unit for you.

Rebuilt Black Clawson #3 hydrapulper gearbox with 4.37:1 ratio and a standard one-year warranty.
Put this beauty to work right now. It’s available for immediate shipment.
New gears and shafts.
Take a closer look
Like new and ready to go

For a quote, contact us at 706.216.5040 or info@atlantagear.com.

Need special modifications?
This surplus Black Clawson #3 is ready to be rebuilt to your ratio requirements. When rebuilt, it will include new bearings, bevel gears, shafts, an LS-Series mechanical seal and packing wear sleeve. Like all of our rebuilt units, it comes with our standard 1-year warranty. It’s available for outright purchase or on an exchange basis.

Want more information?
For a quotation or more information about either of these Black Clawson #3 hydrapulper gearboxes, contact us today at 706.216.5040 or info@atlantagear.com.

Just waiting for a makeover to meet your custom ratio requirements.