To continue our commitment to providing you with the quality and reliability you deserve, we’ve doubled our gear-grinding capacity by adding a massive Kapp Niles Gear Profile Grinding Machine ZP 24. This machine in combination with our two other Kapp Niles grinders enables us to produce in-house the finest quality gears possible in the widest spectrum of sizes and shapes.

A major investment for our company, this new 2.4-meter gear grinder is a monster of a machine. With a base weighing 21.5 tons, it arrived in seven crates and fills a full 25’-by-25’ bay.

It’s impossible to overemphasize the importance of quality finished gears to the performance of an industrial gearbox. Time and time again, we’ve been called to repair gearboxes that have failed because of a minute flaw in a gear. Gear grinding enables us to avoid such flaws and provide the highest quality gears.

Gear grinding gives a more accurate tooth finish than gear cutting. In addition, due to their specific gear geometry, ground gears offer greater meshing effectiveness and stable operation, than hobbed gears. They can also manage greater loads. For these reasons, ground gears are essential in equipment that requires high performance.

All of this is but another way of saying that we continue to expand our resources to assure that we’re offering you gearbox repair and manufacturing that not only meets your expectations but exceeds them.