As we grow, our employee programs and services are growing too. So, we’ve just hired our first Human Resources Specialist to meet our expanding HR needs, previously managed by our Chief Financial Officer.

“We’re coming off one of our best years ever. As a company that’s always invested in our people, we felt it was time to look at all of our employee benefits and policies to see what’s still working and what needs changing. We knew we needed an experienced HR person dedicated to the role, and we were lucky to find Chelleigh.”

Jack Conway
Atlanta Gear Works President

Chelleigh [pronounced Shelley] Cuddy comes to us with more than 15 years of HR experience in a variety of industries from the tech space to real estate, covering the entire employee experience from employee healthcare and other benefits to onboarding and offboarding new hires and terminations, establishing and streamlining internal processes for payroll and employee relations, and employee event planning.

“All of those positions made me stretch beyond my comfort level,” she said, a trait she feels prepared her for the high-pressure world of gearbox repair, where an emergency repair can require an all-hands-on-deck 24/7 response.

Among her top priorities at Atlanta Gear Works are recruitment and extensive employee policy and benefits review. “Since starting at Atlanta Gear, I’ve been doing a lot of recruiting, revamping policies and looking at policy gaps that need to be closed and where we can improve benefits,” said Cuddy.

During her first three months in her new position, she’s attended at least one networking event a month, “getting our name out there, going to job fairs and career days.”

One event that impressed her was a career day at a local junior high school, where she and AGW President Jack Conway set up a small trade show booth.

“We saw 300 kids, so many smart kids, kids that were interested and wanted to know about what we do”

Said Chelleigh

A promising sign given the widespread U.S. labor shortage.

Away from work, Cuddy has a variety of interests, including the goal of visiting every national park in the country with her teenage son and daughter.

“We still have a way to go,” she said.

Based on her record of achievement, we believe she’ll achieve her goal!