Steel Mill Gearbox Repair


When we make repairs, we strive to make the repaired gearbox exceed its original quality whenever possible. Such was the case when we recently rebuilt a steel mill gearbox. We replaced the existing hardened and hobbed gears with carburized hardened and precision ground gears that included lead and profile modifications. This repair not only improved the strength and durability of the gears, but also improved the overall operation of the gearbox.

Below you can see the difference this upgrade made to the overall reliability of the gearbox. The green line shows the significantly reduced vibration of the rebuilt gearbox. This is another example of AGW examining a common gearbox failure and making the necessary upgrades and modifications to improve the reliability of our customer’s equipment, while providing the lowest possible total cost of ownership.

Gearbox Vibe Readings


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September 1, 2015